Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Corn-A-Hole Spinner Forgets Somebody

The Corn Holers are not pleased.

The votes cast by Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson in support of eliminating the VEETC is a concerning one to this essential state industry. The votes do not take into account the economic impact of the existing ethanol industry in Wisconsin or its future growth and potential.

Yah, we thought you'd be "concerned." Didn't notice any "concern" from you when mileage decreased and ethanol-specific pollution increased. Didn't notice any "concern" from you when the price of food escalated, either.

The ethanol industry welcomes the opportunity to operate on a level playing field with Big Oil.

It's notable that the Spin-cycle guy doesn't elaborate on that statement. He kinda hopes that just saying "Big Oil" will be enough to scare everybody.

What he avoids, of course, is discussion of what "subsidies" ARE given to oil companies. There's a reason he avoids it: the very SAME "subsidies" are given to Corn-A-Holers. They're called 'manufacturing tax credits.' You want a level playing field? Give up your manufacturing tax credits, too.

It’s time to bring the debate back to a collaborative discussion between ethanol producers, industry representatives and our elected officials.

Notice who he forgot in that plea for harmony?

Yah. Consumers. You and me.

He'd much rather deal with people who can and will force consumers to bend over for their Corn-A-Holing. Well, friend, you might be very unhappy with the reaction.

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