Monday, June 06, 2011

WI Delegation Doesn't Like Libya--Mostly

Here's a curious item:

Congress is not happy with President Obama’s Libyan adventure. House leadership pulled a resolution calling for withdrawal from the action in 15 days because they thought it actually might pass.

So are we to infer that Boehner & Cantor are sending their "Party Of Goverment" dues check soon? Or should it be sent to Billy Kristol's War Party?

Maybe that's not an accurate story--see below.

...This successful resolution also demands that the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, and the Attorney General "transmit to the House of Representatives" copies of any documents, records, or correspondence referencing the administration's need to communicate with Congress or the War Powers Resolution.

Obama has maintained all along that he consulted with Congress sufficiently to justify going to war. The Congress, including a significant number of House liberals, is calling him a liar with this first resolution, and demanding documentary evidence that will prove it

The writer also mentions another resolution which demanded that the US pull out of Libya in 15 days.

Baldwin, Duffy, Ribble, Petri, and Sensenbrenner voted for it. Kind and Ryan voted to continue the illegal and un-Constitutional adventure.

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