Thursday, May 05, 2011

Thieves? Well, They're Now the Problem of Scrap Dealers!

Because scrap dealers really need more to do, and more expense while doing it....

Junk dealers in Milwaukee would have to report detailed information to police – including photos of people selling scrap items to them – under new legislation approved by the Common Council earlier this week.

Why is that?

The Greater Milwaukee Association of Realtors has called for greater oversight of junk dealers and scrap yards. It noted in a March letter to the council that vacant homes, including foreclosed ones, are sometimes stripped of furnaces, plumbing and electrical components by thieves who later sell the items as scrap.

So. Banks which foreclose on properties and their Realtor-agents fail to secure those properties. Therefore, the scrap dealers have to set up photo studios and spreadsheets--daily.

Makes a lot of sense.


Anonymous said...


Laws for thee, but not for me!!!!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, the GMAR (r) allows convicted felons, including those who have dabbled in embezzelment (among other financial crimes) to practice as a Realtor (r).

Are their standards as low as their hypocrisy is high? I'm thinking of providing a list to Journal Sentinel and maybe even a few select alderman. Just to see what action they won't take

GOR said...

This is similar to what West Allis sought to implement for secondhand goods stores – ostensibly to ‘help police’ track stolen goods. So the small businessman is supposed to do the detective work for the police, at his expense…?

Here’s an idea for all police departments: spend less time staking out speed traps to collect millions in fines and more time on investigative police work and patrolling neighborhoods.

You can’t tell me that having a sheriff’s deputy parked at assorted crossovers on I43 all night, every night, year round is the best use of personnel or the best contribution to law enforcement. The same can be said for the State Patrol on I94 between Milwaukee and Madison.

But, of course, the income is good and that’s what it’s really about – the money!