Monday, May 09, 2011

Ruh-Roh. College Bubble Exposed

There have been almost too many 'bubbles' to track: "tech", housing, metals, and lotsa little sub-bubbles.

Now, college costs.

Mark Schneider, vice president of the American Institutes for Research, conducted a study for the American Enterprise Institute that pours cold water on that figure, says the John W. Pope Center for Higher Education.
  • He found that average lifetime earnings advantage for college graduates is well below the million-dollar figure when forgone wages and the cost of a college education are factored in.
  • Incorporating those figures and using the Department of Education's 2003 Baccalaureate and Beyond Longitudinal Study, Schneider estimated that the lifetime earnings advantage for college graduates ranges from $150,000 to $500,000.
  • The differences reflect earnings from open admissions schools to selective private schools.
And there's more.

Maybe UW-Zero should fire its doper-prof--but it might be because attendance (and tuition revs) drop like a rock when people read the study.

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Anonymous said...

If the govt throws money at it, the price will sky rocket.
Education is a perfect example.

Saint Revolution said...

The "REAL" next debacle...coming soon to an already financially and legislatively broken country near you...

All taxpayer way out...higher default rates and more money involved than the mortgage crisis...

Just like mortgage "for-profit" education salesmen are "selling lies" and "signing suckers up" for "liar loans"...

This will break whatever is left of America's paralyzed financial spine...

The amounts involved in these unpaid Student Loans are staggering...the main "Banker"? Uncle Scam...both lender and "beneficiary".

The Student Loan Scheme And Scam - GateWay Drug To Debt Slavery:
...especially read the "Comments" section...

College, Incorporated:
Note the "glassy-eyed" Obama appointee who states they're, "...looking into the matter...".

Anonymous said...

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