Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Lying of Kloppenburg Campaign

Think about this: the woman's campaign lies like a rug to obtain a position as a Supreme Court judge.

First email:

Fast forward to the recount….last Friday it was discovered that the absentee ballots cast by the nuns didn’t include witness signatures…and no one noticed prior to the election. The Kloppenburg team argued that the ballots should be thrown out—never mind that the GAB has never enforced lack of witness signature as grounds for throwing out a ballot with any regularity—and was successful.

So Badger Catholic mentions that the K'burg "democrats" don't like democracy.

And he gets a response:

No one from the Kloppenburg campaign asked that those ballots not be counted. No one from the Kloppenburg campaign objected to those ballots.

That's a lie, JoAnne. The Prosser witness is willing to go under oath on this one.

Do you approve of your campaign's LYING, JoAnne? Is that the way you run your daily duties as an ass't AG, Joanne? Is that what you expect other citizens to do before the law, Joanne? Or do you prosecute "perjury" when you discover it, Joanne?


Badger Catholic said...

When I read, "Our campaign didn’t make any objections to the way the absentee ballots without signatures were being handled." I thought that was highly unlikely. Then what are their people even doing there if not to find ballots to throw out?

GOR said...

As someone noted elsewhere it wasn't smart of Klopp to throw out those nuns' ballots. They're contemplatives. They pray for everybody, including Klopp - and she needs a miracle to win!

Actually, she doesn't have a prayer...