Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Business As Usual: Teach 'em How to Break the Law

Oshkosh is, after all, an overgrown normal school.

...UW-Oshkosh prof is caught enflagrante using class time to push for the recall of a state senator and Governor Walker.

The guy's an ex-con and reverts to norm, telling one student that they should 'use their college-dorm address' to sign a petition, instead of their home address--which would be outside the district having the recall. It's also election fraud.

UW-Zero's Chancellor issues a statement saying that it took 'corrective action' in the matter.

No, that doesn't mean the jackass was fired. You'll just keep paying him $60++K/year, plus gigungo benefits.

He'll say he's sorry.

HT: Sykes

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Tim Morrissey said...

Now you've crossed a line - calling one of my four alma maters "UW-Zero", although I did, too, as a UW-Oshkosh grad student, and later as a faculty adjunct.

For future reference, the ultimate pejorative when writing about UW-O is "Toilet-Seat Tech", a reference to the shape of the "O" used in the logo in the 70's, right after the merge.

It's inside baseball, and most of your readers prolly won't "get it", but to those who were there back then, it should elicit a howl of laughter.

BTW, if Hopper gets axed, no big loss.