Sunday, May 08, 2011

Bush v. Obozo in Speeches About Bad Guys

Oh yes, there is a difference.

Obozo on the death of OBL v. Bush on the capture of Saddam.

All neatly laid out for you in this AOSHQ post.


Jim said...

While it is grossly unfair and dishonest that Ace of Spades compares Bush's full 2 minute speech to 100 cherry-picked words from Obama's 9 and a half minute speech it IS fair of me to note that Bush had no direct connection to the mission in which Saddam was captured while Obama has been directly connected to the OBL mission for the past six months.

VSO said...

This is the same Obama regime that forced queering on the military, court martialed Navy Seals for giving another jihadist a fat lip and tried to give Miranda rights to jihadists? So, it's OK to kill jihadists but not waterboard them? I'd say the Seals got Bin Ladin despite Obama, not because of him.

So why is Obama going after Ghadaffi and not Assad, Kim Jon Il and every other despot? WHERE ARE THE WAR PROTESTORS CALLING OBAMA A NAZI?

Jim said...

"forced queering on the military"

Oh my!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, because being a homosexual automatically makes he/she incapable of serving one's country [sarcasm].