Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Act 10 in Final Act Soon

Well, things are in motion with Act 10, the bargaining-limits bill.

Republican legislative leaders said Wednesday that if the courts have not ruled on the legality of the collective bargaining bill passed earlier this year by early June, it will be added into the state budget by the Joint Finance Committee.

That's scenario one.

The alternative? SCOWI will decide:

According to the schedule, the various respondents in the case have until May 18 to file a response and until May 27 to file a single reply to the filed responses. Oral arguments are scheduled to happen at 9:45 am June 6.

If the Fitz Boyzzzzz weren't kidding, looks like it'll be Budget Bill. And of course, there will be a lawsuit over that enactment, too. I'm sure that the Kangaroo Circuit will find something--perhaps an unpaid parking ticket--which invalidates Legislative acts.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently you want Illy-T to thrash you some more with your so-called legal analysis. Tsk, tsk, tsk.