Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Sex and the Single Girl

OK, that headline is trolling for hits.

Get over it.

Douthat drew attention to a book, for which Douthat is taking incoming pretty heavily.

Their research, which looks at sexual behavior among contemporary young adults, finds a significant correlation between sexual restraint and emotional well-being, between monogamy and happiness — and between promiscuity and depression.

This correlation is much stronger for women than for men. --McCain quoting Douthat

McCain has a little fun with the thesis. He cites the Genesis/Luke 'covenant' connection (familiar to those who attended the recent Men of Christ confab) and then writes:

...ask yourself this: What if Regnerus and Uecker are right?

What would be the consequences of having scientific proof that pre-marital chastity and marital fidelity — “One Life, One Wife” – confer socio-economic advantages not only on individuals who uphold such values, but also produce advantages for the larger society?

The implications for public policy, I’ll leave to the wonks. Rather, I suggest the likelihood that this scientific insight could lead people to consider the possibility that the Bible is actually true.

No wonder Echidne’s head is exploding. Ideas have consequences.


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John Foust said...

Hmm. What does the Koran say?

I wonder if sociology might have some insight as well.