Tuesday, March 08, 2011

"It's Fiscal" for Sure

Walker's office has noted a few of the more egregious union-pig "collective bargains."

In Milwaukee County alone, because the union collectively bargained for paid time off, fourteen employees receive salary and benefits for doing union business. Of the fourteen, three are on full-time release for union business. Milwaukee County spent over $170,000 in salary alone for these employees to only participate in union activities such as collective bargaining.

Then there's the Green Bay teacher deal, the Prison Guard Deal (2.5 x base if you lie about 'sick time,') the Madistan $100K Bus-Driver deal, and the Porn On School Computers deal.

One wishes that Walker would elaborate--extensively--on the "work rules" crap, not just the "gimme more money" crap.

In the end, work-rules cost far more than pensions. Ask GM. Or Chrysler.

HT: PowerLine

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