Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Vrakas on Sykes: "Do More With Less"

As the Sykes-Forum plays out, we just heard Dan Vrakas (Waukesha County Exec) defend Walker's budget-repair proposal with the catch-phrase that "Government must do more with less."

I respectfully submit that Dan Vrakas is wrong.

The whole POINT of the 2-year-old TEA Party movement is that "Government should do LESS, and with less money, too!!"

Nice catch-phrase.

Wrong premise.

(Spoken with the real-life perspective of one who would LOVE to see a private contractor plow North Avenue instead of Waukesha County.)

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Paul - Berry Laker said...

Agree on Vrakus.

I just laughed listening to Tommy Barrett speak. What was he saying?

He must of got talking points from Obama

Have a GREAT week.