Wednesday, September 15, 2010

When the Facts Are Against You, LIE LIKE HELL!!

The new Feingold strategy: lie.

WKOW-TV is unhappy with Senator Russ Feingold’s campaign for making an ad look like a WKOW-TV news report.

Wiggy posted the detailed story, and WKOW's complaint is amply justified.

Response from Feinie?

"Shove it. We'll steal your format and your anchor, and deceive the public. That's my JOB. I'm a Senator!!"


Tim Morrissey said...

First, the ad itself is probably the harshest Feingold has ever run, far from his folksy "lunch alone" ad, also running currently.

Second - as Perry Boxx (Ch 27 News Mgr)sort of admits in his own story ("it may be legal, but"), Boxx knows DAMN well it IS legal, as any broadcaster knows, under the "fair review" provisions of the relevant copyright laws and Title 47 of the US Code.

So you have two pathetic personalities here....Feingold, going off his "usual" reservation to run such a pointed ad (and under his own campaign aegis, at that!), and the news management at Channel 27, creating and amplifying still another non-issue.

Anonymous said...

Dad29, the bastion of virtue. He would never tell lies, HA! Non-issues are his specialty.

Good for Feingold!