Thursday, September 09, 2010

What's a Remora Fish?

Another blogger, Tim Morrissey, suggests term limits.

However, I think Zero nails the real problem.

For larger companies, invisibility is not an option. The smart play is to become like remora fish, attaching themselves to the State and feeding on the scraps it leaves behind. The flavor of socialism practiced by contemporary Democrats relies upon this behavior. The objective is to bend the private sector into compliance with political ideology. Only a modest percentage of the private sector can be directly nationalized, unless the government shark is ready to mutate into something even more huge and feral. This leaves the statist hungry to take on a number of “partners” in the private sector. It has trillions of tax dollars, plus even more valuable regulatory incentives, to purchase all the partners it needs. Al Gore became a billionaire selling carbon credits, an entirely artificial industry created out of thin air by oppressive government regulation. There are more billions where those came from.

The whole post is just as compelling.


jimspice said...

Al Gore isn't a billionaire, at least according to Forbes:

John Foust said...

If it is your belief and intent that this problem is just a true under Republicans as under Democrats, then say so. Don't pick a quote that unfairly hangs this on the Democrats. Republicans feed the remoras just as much, no?