Tuesday, September 07, 2010

"We Don't ENFORCE Your Steeenkin' Laws"

Interesting little story here.

The SEIU has decided to fine any of its locals that does not meet a $25,000 Political Action Committee (PAC) contribution limit. The fine imposed is $37,500. This means that union headquarters is telling the locals that they MUST donate a “voluntary” $25,000 or face this exorbitant fine.


...the Federal Election Commission expressly forbids organizations from fining members for not contributing to political action committees (PACs). Because of this proscription, the folks at NRTW filed a complaint with the FEC about the SEIU’s practice.


The FEC denied the complaint, refused to stop the SEIU’s illegal actions, AND issued its report so late that the 60-day reply period in which to appeal the decision was already past.


HT: Gateway

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