Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Vote Fraud: GAB's Farcical "Removal"

So the Wisconsin Gov't "Accountability" Board has removed a few voters from the rolls.

They also left around 60,000 ON the rolls.

Among them is a fellow whom I know quite well. He's currently registered to vote in the City of Milwaukee despite having moved from there to Waukesha County about 1 month after the '08 election, and despite the fact that a postal forwarding order has been in effect ever since then.

He's now moved out of State.

It will be interesting to see if he "voted" in the upcoming election.


neomom said...

I'll bet we are still on the Waukesha County rolls... You wanna vote on my behalf for Ron Johnson and Scott Walker?


Reid Magney said...

Hey Dad29,

Please e-mail me the name of this voter so we can remove him if he has moved out of state.

Reid Magney, Government Accountability Board