Sunday, September 19, 2010

SEIU: Dirtballs, Just Like You Thought

Bice did a nice job here.

Evindently the Barrett campaign is (was?) dangerously close to "coordinating" with the SEIU regarding the O'Donnell Park incident.

And (surprise, surprise!!!!) the SEIU slimeballer just loves WTMJ-TV for its cooperation and helpfulness over the incident.


neomom said...

This is starting to go national.. Dan Riehl has picked it up so far.

GOR said...

Yes Dad, kudos to Bice for exposing this despite the collusion of Ch. 4 (another part of the Journal Communications ‘empire’) and other media.

It used to be that TV news reporters and anchors were supposed to just report the news - not color it with their own views. Now we get ‘talk-show’ news reporting, with Ch. 4’s afternoon regurgitations among the worst.