Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Rove Dissed, Pees Pants on National TV

Karl Rove is regarded as a guru-strategist.

What he actually is is a 'get-a-majority' guy. If the candidate wears an (R) and is "electable," Rove goes there. Principles? Policies? Not important to Karl.

As such, Rove has a very noticeable soft-spot for the RINO class, including such detritus as Castle of Delaware.

And when Rove gets dissed, he gets pissed.

Mere minutes after Fox News had reported the victory of conservative activist Christine O'Donnell over Establishment Congressman Mike Castle in the Delaware GOP U.S. Senate primary, former Bush Deputy Chief of Staff and Fox News consultant Karl Rove was in place on Sean Hannity's TV show to analyze.


The normally rational and analytical Mr. Rove had vanished. In his place was someone who looked like Karl Rove, sounded like Karl Rove…but spoke like the last guy out of the hoped-for-victory-party of the landslide losing candidate for Register of Deeds in NoPlaceville, Texas.

What on earth was Rove thinking? He was bitter, angry, cutting, demeaning, mean-spirited…and those were the nice things he had to say about O'Donnell.

The key line from the interview was Rove, expressing disappointment that "it was more about Castle's voting record" than about "electability." Translation: to Hell with principles, we want Ruling Class Republicans.

That doesn't work this year, Karl. And it didn't work when you backed Arlen Specter against Toomey. Oh, yah--Specter won. And where is he now, Karl?

To be clear: Rove is merely a mechanic, albeit a damn good one. The mechanic does NOT care if your car is a Honda or a Chevy. He just makes it run. That's what he's paid to do.

And he doesn't really care if you should have bought that car, either. Not his job to do QC. McCain & Company reminds us...

Karl Rove’s genius plan for the “Permanent Republican Majority” gave us Speaker Pelosi, Majority Leader Reid and President Obama.

So the electorate took out the trash.


Tim Morrissey said...

Pretty decent insight from Lord (AmSpec blog). However, the last sentence of your post summarizes the situation very nicely.

Anonymous said...

Republicans/conservatives throwing Rove (and Krauthammer) under the bus, calling them RINO's, that's rich!

As if FoxNews, American Spectator,
Dad29, etc. despised him and his unscrupulous methods when he was Bush's right hand man for 8 years.

Deekaman said...

I got plenty of love for Rove, Krauthammer, et al. But we have held pour noses and vote for RINO's because they were "electable" throughout my adult lifetime. The GOP should be kissing our Conservative TEA Partying asses for saving them from 40 years in the wilderness. You won't? We will bury you.

Disgruntled Car Salesman said...

I vote conservative in the primaries and typically republican in November.

That should about sum it up for us.