Sunday, September 05, 2010

P-Mac Goes National

McIlheran has an essay in Real Clear Politics.

He notes that Feingold is running away from Obama and Patrick nails the reason.

Just as interesting is the linked PDF describing the arts-and-peace-and-green-and-love-for-all silliness which will be included in the parade. The appeal, if any, is directed to 'tween girls and lovestruck 10-year-old boys.

(At one time, Milwaukee Union members were actually men: hard-drinking, hard-working, calloused-hands machinists, foundrymen, steel-benders, masons, carpenters, and hodcarrier- types who knew the difference between buckwheat and bullshit. Gaia, butterflies, and cute fishies....ummnnhhhh.....would draw jeers and, eventually, a yellow-tinted rain from them. Things have changed. But this is not Tom Parker's Labor Council, nor Ray Taylor's Labor Press.)

You won't be surprised to learn that Lou Fortis is a sponsor, along with ACLU and the Milwaukee County Labor Council.

But the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music? The Wisconsin Arts Board? And UW-M? And UPAF?

Evidently times aren't as tough as we thought.


Deekaman said...

Gag me. Most of the UAW guys I know wouldn't be caught dead at this. "People's Parade"? You can't be serious. I would love to see how many real union members show up for this. Oh...another sponsor? Merrill Lynch. Your tax dollars at work.

Anonymous said...

I think this is cool. I also think Louis Fortis is a dick.