Monday, September 06, 2010

One of These Answers Displays Knowledge

While Scott Walker has tripped a couple of times recently, he literally stomped the other two characters in this Q&A regarding casinos.

As governor, would you be open to allowing a tribe to develop a new casino in the state?

Tom Barrett: As governor, I will review any approved application for a new casino, and consult with local governments.

Mark Neumann: That is an issue best left as a local decision. If local residents show clear support, as governor I will be open to considering it.

Scott Walker: The federal government made it clear several years ago that they are not going to approve more off-reservation gaming operations. Many communities across the state have invested years of work into obtaining a casino -- even while the Bureau of Indian Affairs released new standards that make it nearly impossible for these sites in Wisconsin. It is time to help these areas find other viable options for economic development.


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