Tuesday, September 07, 2010

NRO, Wrong Again, on Delaware

By and large, NRO likes the Establishment. A lot.

Power first, principles....ummnnhhhhh.....later, ...........or something. So their favored candidate in Delaware is some cretin named Castle.

He rules out repealing Obamacare. Stands by his cap-and-trade vote. Says his opponent is delusional for saying his team is...doing what you can watch. He is, the more one looks, the ultimate in a disheartening public servant.

Maybe NRO wants a Senate full of these pukes. I guess Paul Ryan is "unelectable" too, eh?

HT: AmSpecBlog


neomom said...

We don't need the Senate yet. Certainly not by electing Mike Castle.

Jo said...

This is pretty cool. O'Donnell - and Proxmire.

james Wigderson said...

O'Donnell is unelectable in Delaware. Meanwhile, Castle has said we should repeal Obamacare, just that we won't be able to while Obama is in the White House.

We are not going to get a better senator in Delaware, so can we at least get the one who casts the most important vote - for majority leader? The Dem will vote against us 98% of the time. I'll take Castle at 55% on our side.

Dad29 said...

Principles, James.