Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Lose an Election? No Problem!! Regulate Instead

Some things just cannot be legislated because too many voters understand that the costs simply do not justify the alleged benefits. So "Cap-n-Tax" will not pass, but not to worry: EPA will simply regulate Cap-n-Tax into existence and attempt to control CO2 emissions, cost be damned. (And to hell with your household budget, too, peasant.)

Same with gun control. Don't want the peasants to have deadly weapons for defense of the Constitution and stuff like that?

Regulate it.

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Deekaman said...

EPA is moving rapidly in that direction. In the Federal Register yesterday, EPA announced,"Action to Ensure Authority to Issue Permits Under the Prevention of Significant Deterioration Program to Sources of Greenhouse Gas Emissions:Federal Implementation Plans". That's a mouthful. But inside of the announcement is this little gem: "No large signs will be allowed in the building, cameras may be used only outside the building and demonstrations will not be allowed on Federal property for security reasons". What? Some jihadist is going to come to EPA with an explosive vest? This is bullshit.