Friday, September 10, 2010

Iowa's Elections v. Soros and S. D. O'Connor

This may be interesting, both in Iowa and nationally--but also in Wisconsin.

...Under a 1962 amendment to Iowa’s constitution, eight years after being appointed judges must go on the ballot for a popular vote to retain their position or be sent packing.

Usually judges have little difficulty retaining their posts, but this year is different owing to the high court – by unanimous consent – striking down the state Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), on the basis that it violated the state’s guarantees of equal protection.

Conservatives accused the high court of overstepping its bounds and engaging in judicial activism by appealing to an “evolving standard” of interpreting the state constitution.

Sandra Day O'Connor came to DesMoines to screech about 'judicial independence.'

O'Connor's bleating shouldn't surprise you. George Soros has put $45 million (or more) into a campaign to scrap judicial elections.

...radical progressive billionaire George Soros has spent some $45 million in recent years on efforts to make sure voters have little or no say in those who are candidates to judge them.

...Soros' goal has been to convert the procedures into various "merit" selection processes, which mostly have a special panel, often appointed and frequently political, choose a slate of candidates from which someone, such as a governor, would appoint a judge.

"Merit selection" is the smoke-filled-room technique. But unlike Tammany, there aren't even sham elections. You just smile while the Anointed Ones are rammed into their robes.

The American Bar Ass'n has taken ~$3 million from Soros...

And Wisconsin Manufacturer's/Commerce has most likely felt the effects:

"Any group, especially within the business community, that defends the democratic election of judges or opposes 'merit selection' is instantly demonized as trying to 'buy' seats on the state court," the report said.

As to Ms. O'Connor, the pro-abortion elitist:

The report cited former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's support for the idea of appointment of judges. It says under the auspices of the University of Denver's Institute for the Advancement of the American Legal System, O'Conoor works to "provide intellectual cover and political assistance" to the change effort.

She's of the opinion that 'voters are too [damn stupid] to make the right decision.', Sandra. We'll handle it. You can relax.

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Al said...

I think you can guess what circle I'll be filling in on the ballot for these 3 judges here in Iowa.

While I have no problem with the idea of "merit selection", Iowa's voting to retain or reject them is a check & balance on that process. & in this case, a form of impreachment for their failing to uphold what the Iowa Constitution really says & amending it/ legislating from the bench instead.

& while it is rare, we have rightly rejected a few. & hopefully after 2 Nov 3 more names wll be added to that list.