Friday, September 03, 2010

Holder/Obama v. Everybody in Arizona

Byron York sums it up well. The actions of DoJ in Arizona are one bookend, the other being the DoJ's total mishandling of terrorists and terrorist incidents (see Detroit, e.g.).

"Sheriff Joe" is a bit too strident for my taste, but I don't recall any Constitutional prohibition on stridency, which is all that Holder & Co. have found, despite having received zillions of documents from Arpaio.

Meantime, Obama/Holder advise US citizens to stay away from parts of US Parks now controlled by Mexican narcoterrorists.


HT: PowerLine


Billiam said...

The ICE investigation found no problems. This is a political hit by Obama/Holder, plain and simple.

Billiam said...

BTW, people are also being advised to stay off Interstate 8. In the interim, Obama fiddles. From their attitude, might as well cede the southwest back to Mexico. Obama and his sychophants apparently don't believe in US sovereignty anyway.