Wednesday, September 08, 2010

EPA Corn-a-Holing You, Like Brett Davis

The Corn-a-Hole crowd strikes again.

...The American Petroleum Institute (API) informs us that, “The Environmental Protection Agency has indicated it may take action later this year to approve higher levels of ethanol in fuel blends, even though critical vehicle tests and environmental analyses mandated by the Clean Air Act have not yet been completed.”

IOW, Obama's ideologues have announced that they're going to ignore the law and do whatever they feel like doing: in this case, increase ethanol content in gasoline by fifty percent.

If the decision to increase ethanol levels by 50 percent is made this year, perhaps as early as this month, it will short-circuit the process outlined by the Clean Air Act, which mandates a detailed scientific review before new fuels, additives or fuel blends are introduced into commercial fuels, and scientific reviews of E15’s impact won’t be completed until next year.

Of course, if YOU tried that, ....

What's the big deal?

Ethanol is very corrosive, and could harm equipment such as automobile engines and gasoline station pumps and storage tanks. API suggests that problems may exist with storage and dispensing equipment that may create additional environmental problems through spills and leaks, which in turn could pose a threat to consumer safety. And, higher-level ethanol blends like E15 could also threaten vehicle performance and safety, void manufacturers’ warranties and confuse consumers.

Not to mention that corn prices will go up (again), making FOOD more expensive, especially in the Third World.

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