Saturday, September 11, 2010

Doyle: "Thief" Isn't Even Close to His Actual Nature

P-Mac has a shocker.

Early on, Doyle's people said openly they'd try spending as much as they could before inauguration day next January. In March, insiders were guessing the state would have $57 million spent on the project by then: "I've never seen state bureaucrats move this fast on a project," one said. The aim was to make the train irrevocable, since the state would have to repay Washington any sums already spent if it cancelled the train. By June, state officials said they'd spent or earmarked $100 million. Last weekend, the state transportation secretary said it will be $300 milllion by the end of the year.

That means that Doyle has stolen $300 million from the Wisconsin budget (or the rest of the country, depending on how you account for it), and MOST of it will be stolen after Doyle is out of office.

There has to be a way to cancel his State pension.

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