Saturday, September 18, 2010

Cornyn v. Tony Perkins. Cornyn Lost

It's reported that Sen. Cornyn of the NRSC is very unhappy with social conservatives.

And he has good reason to be so.

Murkowski lost to a social con. Castle lost to a social con. Crist lost to a social con.

And Tony Perkins of the Family Values Coalition wants to drive it home.


neomom said...

Perkins is correct that the conventional wisdom is not a reliable model this cycle. However, he is delusional if he thinks the tea party is about social issues.

Its about the economy, the size of government, and individual liberty/the constitution.

Perkins would not be wise to try to make November about social issues.

Dad29 said...

He doesn't have to.

So happens that all the Actually-Conservative candidates ARE social cons.

And they're winning.

By the way, being a social con is not just about abortion. O'Donnell's speech included a line which highlights the fact that the schools can now refer your daughter for the Pill without your knowledge, but that she may not buy a Coke in the vending machine.

And social cons aren't all that excited about mandated poison lightbulbs, either.

It's all related.

neomom said...

I know they are social cons... the intersection of fiscal/social cons circles on the Venn diagram is pretty large.

Let keep that as our little secret until after the election.

Just sayin'

DRG said...

All of us in the tea party are not social conservative. We mean it when we say we want freedom and liberty.

Right now government spending is so outrageous that I'll vote for anyone who even smells like they would reduce the government. But I see trouble in the future when the Ron Paul tea partiers and the Sarah Palin tea partiers start to have a lot of friction.

neomom said...

THIS is why the Social Cons need not be driving the bus....

"Perkins brushed off the idea that Pence's victory meant he spoke for "values voters," and said that Mike Huckabee still commanded the support of social conservatives."

Huckabee? Oh, Good God, NO!!!!

Dad29 said...

Perkins has something in common with Cornyn: willful disregard of the times. Don't worry about Huck. He's not viable.

But you can see that with Scott Walker, too. He's still fighting battles from the 1990's Legislative days.