Wednesday, September 08, 2010

The Convenient Opinion of Petraeus

Spengler makes a good point.

Where does Gen. David Petraeus get off telling American civilians how to express their opinions? Serving American military officers are not supposed to poke their noses into such matters. Petraeus well may be correct that “extremists” will use the burning of the Koran to stir up anti-American sentiments. If an American commander finds it inconvenient when Americans express antipathy towards Islam, where will it end?

If the obnoxious and misguided Rev. Jones can be bullied into silence, who else will be told to shut up? “Extremists” well may express outrage when an American writer cites the opinion of the great German-Jewish theologian Franz Rosenzweig concerning Islam, namely that it is a “parody” of Judaism and Christianity, a “monistic paganism” in which Allah represents “the whole colorful panlopy of Olympus rolled up into one.”

The reek of PC oozes forth from Gen. Petraeus. We expect that combat troops will be assaulted; it's called "combat" for a reason.

And as we know, the Islamists do not need an excuse for their attacks.

Think 9/11 for one example.

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