Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Ah, Children

The Daughter in a faraway school called.

She needs the usual rack of documentation for employment at her college. (This requirement is because the FedGummint determined that no employment manager was capable of determining 'citizenship' based on personal knowledge and stuff like that--and this burden was emplaced during the Clinton Administration. Cost of doing business?? Not a concern to the Feds.)

Anyhoo....she needs her SocSec card, or a certified copy of her birth certificate.

We gave her her SocSec card a year ago so she could secure another job.

"So, daughter, you HAVE your SocSec card. Remember, we gave it to you so you could get that other job in Distant City, last year? And we told you to keep it in a safe place where you could find it?

"Now you know why we were reluctant to give it to you. You lose things."

"Yah, well, I didn't LOSE the card, Daddy."

"OK. Then where IS it, exactly?"

..........end of conversation........



Tim Morrissey said...

This is SO parallel to our experience with our daughter...who was born in a different state and I don't know HOW many times I sent 25 bucks to the bureaucratic bastards for still another certified copy of her birth certificate, between 1999 and 2008.

Every time: "you're a young adult now; you'll need this constantly; establish a file for important papers like your SocSec card, your birth certif, the title to your car,"......

And every time she'd repeat the request, and I'd ask about that file, it was the same thing. She didn't LOSE it; she just wasn't sure where it was.

Dad29 said...

Yah. And this one is the "book-smart" one. Scholarships, honors, yadayada.