Friday, August 13, 2010

What "Death Panel?"

Just a run-up to full-blown ObamaCare.

Paula Oertel, whose brain tumor disappeared for nine years while she was on an expensive drug and returned after she temporarily lost her insurance coverage, has died as a result of the tumor spreading through her brain.

The interruption of her Medicare coverage of the drug directly contributed to her death, contends her doctor, Mark Malkin, chief of neuro-oncology at Froedtert Hospital.

My sympathy to her family and friends.

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Radish said...

Grrr. The lede visible on the front page of the J-S says "insurance coverage" instead of "Medicare", leading anyone glancing by on their way to the Packers blogs to conclude it was an eeeeeeeevil corporation. You have to click through to learn it was the government.

I know I shouldn't expect honesty or integrity from the J-S, but it still makes me angry.