Friday, August 13, 2010

Ron Johnson's Ace Up the Sleeve

If you're from the Greater Milwaukee area, you're used to political ads which have "production values." Lotsa flash, dance, graphics, professionally-shot and produced.

Like Barrett's $500K "investment" in Obama's Philly advertising agency, for example.

Now consider this: in the rest of the State, the understanding is that "most, if not all, of the small school districts around the state will not see one penny of this money. It is my understanding that most of the money will be going to the larger school districts, with Milwaukee receiving the lion's share," said Lomira School Superintendent John Mason."

Yup. Two-thirds of the State's voters are NOT in Milwaukee County--and they recognize that Milwaukee is to Wisconsin like NYC is to New York State: the sewer-drain in the corner.

So Johnson's homespun, damn-near-camcorder commercials are playing to the two-thirds of Wisconsin voters who: 1) don't see a lot of Milwaukee-market advertisements, and 2) will control the outcome of the election.


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