Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Some Government Payroll Thieves Confess...

Gotta hand it to Barry Soetero; he knows which feathers are just like his.

In the annals of vetting, this will go down as the most laughable miss ever: Vivek Kundra, the D.C. official tapped by Obama to run government technology, pleaded guilty to a theft charge in 1997. Kundra is currently suspended from his White House job as Yusuf Acar, a manager in the D.C. office Kundra headed, faces bribery charges unrelated to Kundra's 12-year-old theft.

To be clear: TWO of Teh Won's I.T. gurus are (apparently) crooks. And they aren't in some remote field-office in Lower Noplace.

HT: ITPal, who sent the links...

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