Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gun-Buying Continues Upward Trend

Another "Salesman of the Year" award going to Barry Soetero!

NSSF just released its July data on background checks. Unadjusted, the July 2010 figures were up 10% over July 2009, which itself was well into the timeframe when checks were skyrocketing. Adjusted to take out the checks for CCW permits and leave only those relating to gun sales, it's up 4.3% over 2009.

...circulation of the NRA political mag America's First Freedom is up 20% over last year, and its Rifleman and Hunter are also in the top 25 fastest growing publications.

Guns are worthless without ammo, and Barry has plans for that item as we mentioned.

Do what you need to do. BUY MORE AMMO!!

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