Wednesday, August 11, 2010

PoopMeister Barrett Can't Even Do THAT Right

Barrett's MMSD can put poop into Lake Michigan--over 8 billion gallons in only 6 years.

But Barrett can't even do that right.

Federal officials Wednesday declared the July 22 flood as a major disaster in Milwaukee and Grant counties, making some federal money and other aid available for local governments recovering from flood damage, but it's unclear whether individual homeowners will get government help.

Federal officials said they were still reviewing a request that declared there was more than $32 million in damage to Milwaukee County homes and other individual property from the flood, but Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said he didn't "want to raise false hope."

And Barrett makes Doylet hand out the bad news:

Gov. Jim Doyle said in a news release Wednesday that individuals won't get help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Not quite good enough for Government assistance.

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