Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another ObamaNuking of Federalism

Not only is the $26Bn "jobs" bill limited to spending on edjumicayshun jobs ONLY...

It's also a direct assault on the 10th Amendment and the States. AND it's sucking $12Bn from the Food Stamp program.

Some eat, some don't.

Wilson [President, Americans for Limited Government] pointed to Section 101(8) of H.R. 1586 which states that if a governor fails to apply for funding within 30 days, "the Secretary shall provide for funds allocated to that State to be distributed to another entity or other entities in the State … for support of elementary and secondary education, under such terms and conditions as the Secretary may establish."

"This is completely unconstitutional, as it coerces states to accept the terms and conditions that come with the money. The federal government has no power to compel states to spend money on a mandatory basis, but that is exactly what this law does," Wilson declared.

"The federal government is forcing states to keep funding through FY 2011, and through FY 2013 solely for the state of Texas, at pre-recession levels despite the obvious need for cuts at the state and local levels of government, and telling governors that if they do not apply for the funding, then the federal government will force them to accept it," Wilson explained.

Obviously, Jim Doylet, our Fraud-in-Chief, doesn't give a rip. His largest contributor, WEAC, is happy.

And Van Hollen cannot sue without the "Mommy, May I" ticket-punch by Fraud-in-Chief.

But this is a serious situation. Texas, Mississippi, and New Jersey are thinking of a Federal lawsuit.

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