Saturday, August 07, 2010

Obama Outsources MORE I.T. Work

Limbaugh is right. Obama's trying to take the US into Third World status.

Even as controversy mounts over its funding of IT outsourcers in South Asia, the U.S. Agency for International Development has announced a program under which it will partner with the government of Armenia—a nation anxious to lure computer work from American shores--to promote the development of the country's information technology industry.

Jonathan Hale, USAID deputy assistant administrator for Europe & Eurasia, is on a four-day trip to Armenia to meet with government and private industry leaders in the country. On his agenda is a meeting with Armenian economic minister Nerses Yeritsyan.

And he has a friend!

USAID, a taxpayer-funded federal agency, did not disclose how much it's contributing to Armenia's efforts to become a global IT competitor. Among the U.S. companies participating in the project is Oracle's Sun Microsystems unit.

Nice of USAID to consider the needs in Sri Lanka and Armenia. It would be even nicer if they considered the needs in the USA, but that's too much to hope for with Obama's Boyzzzzz.

There's nothing about JavaEE that US I.T. professionals cannot do or learn, by the way.

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