Saturday, August 07, 2010

The Dead Arise for Feingold's "Stimulus" Vote?

We know that the dead 'vote' in Chicago (and we suspect they vote in Milwaukee, too.)

But Rusty Feingold, the arrogant, condescending, babykilling member-of-the-(D)-herd developed a new twist: the dead apparently got a job due to "Porkulus."

In Senator [Russ] Feingold’s [D-Wisc.] new ad, he features some footage designed to make the argument that his $787 stimulus bill created Wisconsin jobs. One piece of footage features a nameplate being placed outside an office or cubicle, and it appears the person named does not exist– not in voter databases, nothing on Lexus-Nexus, no such person on Facebook or other social media. In fact, the only Elizabeth Ackland that could be found in Wisconsin died in 1877.

Probably voted in '04, too.

HT: Sykes via The Examiner

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Anonymous said...

When did Feingold kill a baby?