Thursday, August 05, 2010

Foreseen: The Prop 8 Decision

Natch, it was foreseen by a Pope.

"When the Christian religion is rejected and repudiated, marriage sinks of necessity into the slavery of man's vicious nature and vile passions, and finds but little protection in the help of natural goodness. A very torrent of evil has flowed from this source, not only into private families, but also into States... Then, if they are hindered by law from carrying out this shameful desire, they contend that the laws are iniquitous, inhuman, and at variance with the rights of free citizens; adding that every effort should be made to repeal such enactments, and to introduce a more humane code...' Pope Leo XIII, February 1880

Comes under the heading "Making Government the god."

HT: Dennis, via St Louis Catholic


J. Strupp said...

Thanks for the laughs dadster.

Hey you gotta love the Catholic Church lecturing about the slavery of man's vicious nature, vile passions and shameful desires.

Yeah, we sure wouldn't want to introduce a more "humane code" now would we? All those repressed homosexuals among the Catholic Church's ranks might find themselves more comfortable with their sexuality and choose a different lifestyle.

GOR said...

Well, J. Strupp Lucifer wanted to introduce a more 'humane' (or in this case 'angelic'...)code also.

How's that been working out for you Lucifer, old boy...?

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that I lived in a theocracy. I gotta read the newspapers more often.

Isn't government doing "god's work" if its officials make policies to reflect the morals and values of that god? I thought there was such a thing as separation of church and state.

Again, I gotta read the newspapers more often.

You believe homosexuality is a sin? Great.

You want gay marriage banned? Fantastic.

Are you and others who feel this way bigoted? Yes and no.

Just work towards that end in WISCONSIN, i.e. states' rights, and NOT nationally. Then, Houston, we have a problem.

Amy said...

Um, Prop 8 wasn't a national issue. It was a STATE issue, where 7 million people in California voted for Prop 8.