Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The "D" Word

Hewitt, tonight, interviewed a Brit historian.

It was ugly.

The fellow, one Andrew Roberts, (transcript here) opined that the mosque brouhaha is a sign of the "decadence" of American society. That word, "decadence" was not specifically used, but the condition was alluded to, in an interview of Hitchens, also by Hewitt.

It's not the first time that word has come to mind in reference to this society, and (arguably) it began during the Carter Administration, and has continued with only slight deviations from its course right through today.

How else would you describe a society which has committed to a debt larger than its GDP by 10 years from now? In which the wealthiest counties are those surrounding its seat of power--which has no other productive assets besides that seat? In which gay "marriage" is seriously considered, with people of most political inclinations nodding--not all vigorously--but nodding---in vague acquiescence?

And yes, there are lots of other signs, almost too numerous to list.

The only question is whether the "D" word will produce the "R" word, or whether the society will simply, slowly, sink into the British/French mold.

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J. Strupp said...

Other than the gay marriage babble, I'd have to agree with you (and Roberts) about the age of decadence marking the beginning of the end of the American golden age. The evidence, as you say, is glaring and the examples too numerous to list.

I think this ties in nicely with Roberts' commentary regarding FDR and his ability to lead this country through the most difficult period in American history. The man was a brilliant communicator and born leader (regardless of what some may think of his politics). We need this leadership badly in today's world and, unfortunately, no one appears capable to be up for the task. It's a scary thought. One way or another, this country is going to have to redefine it's role in the world. For better or worse. Let's hope for the better. I'm not so sure.