Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Sad Case of Mark Neumann

I really expected a lot better from Neumann than what we're getting.

Although I don't have too much love for Jim Klauser, his letter to Neumann does everything but call Neumann a rotten liar. Frankly, I don't know why Klauser pulled that punch.

Neumann has flapped his jaw about "Walker spending" in Milwaukee County. Klauser tells the REST of the story:

The numbers you cite for Milwaukee County include capital bonding of $251 million which is expended over a three year period and paid-off over 15-20 years. (This was done to obtain better interest rates) Your analysis of Jim Doyle’s spending did NOT include bonding (which is considerable under Doyle).

It was clear to me that Neumann's desperate claims were outlandish from the get-go, so I never looked into the numbers deeply. But ignoring DoyleBonds? That's beyond 'ignorant' or "Woopsie, I forgot." That's deliberate manipulation--in other words, lying.

You should know, but apparently don’t, that much of what a county government does is mandated and partially funded by either the federal or state government. County government has no control over increases/decreases in such funding.

So some "Walker expenditures" were actually transfer-payments which stopped on the County budget sheets only 'on paper,' as the County served as a transfer-station.

It's becoming clear: either Neumann doesn't know enough about Gummint budgeting to run the City of Delafield dog-pound, or he's willing to lie and cheat to win the nomination.

We already have a Liar/Cheater-in-Chief in Wisconsin. His name is Jim Doyle.

One was enough.

HT: Patrick


GOR said...

Neumann should do the right thing and just drop out. He's muddying the waters and not helping the cause - ensuring that Barrett doesn't become Doyle II...

Anonymous said...

No, Neumann has every right to run. Let the people decide who they want, unless you are against our democracy.

GOR said...

Yes, he has every right to run - as an Independent!

Anonymous said...

Says who??? The party bosses??? Neumann has the required paperwork and credentials. He has EVERY right to run as a Republican.

No wonder moderates in both parties are pissed off.

Interesting how the same people who supported him years ago are now throwing him under the bus because he is deemed a threat to Walker.

I thought people like you and Dad29 were above Alinsky tactics! Apparently.

Dad29 said...

No, actually, I'm throwing him under the bus because his campaign is complete crap.

And I'm not so enthused about his GreenWeenie stuff, either--but mostly because his campaign is complete crap.

Cindy Kilkenny said...

Poor wittle Scotty Walker. It's not his fault! He inherited all those nasty spending mandates.

And we all the the entire budget it spending mandates. And we all know he really had the leadership to pass it, but darn that nasty county board.

Grip up. It's a primary. Wittle Scotty will live.

Dad29 said...

Say what, Cindy?

Wisconsin said...

Anyone notice how unhinged "wittle" Cindy Kilkenny has become? She has as much hatred for Walker as Capper does (they are buds, you know) and that's saying something.

"Fairly Conservative", my ass.

It will be fun to see her (and Capper's) complete melt down when Walker is elected Governor.