Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Feingold, "Protector of Privacy"??

What an asshole Feinie really is.

According to Johnson campaign staffers a person from the Feingold campaign has been following Johnson taping everything he does.

The operative came to Drinking Right, sat at the bar, ordered a Heineken and discretely held a video recorder in his lap taping everything Mr. Johnson did. The manager at Papa’s noticed and did not take kindly to having his customers video taped without having any permission asked.

Yes, it's legal to film JOHNSON; there's no 'expectation of privacy' in a bar which is open to the public. But it's another thing entirely for other patrons of the bar, who are not "public persons" running for office. This could result in interesting legal actions.

Of course, "legal" ain't the same as "right." Ask any aborted baby--or any PARTIAL-BIRTH aborted baby.

HT: Berry, quoting Owen


TerryN said...

Rusty's got a two pronged strategy this campaign.

1. Soil your opposition.

2. Lie about your record.

Anonymous said...

Hey, just make stuff up, hope it sticks in the crawl of conservative bloggers, who will promote unsubstantiated charges until they become "fact".

Dad29, fake Christian.