Friday, July 16, 2010

Read Between the BedBug Lines

Artfully phrased story here.

Bed bugs are taking a bite out of residents at government-subsidized apartment building on the city’s South Side, and efforts to eradicate the bugs, so far, have been unsuccessful.

The Spanish Journal reports (Spanish language) that Park Bluff Apartments, 555 S. Layton Blvd., is struggling with a bed bug epidemic. The insects, essentially wingless mosquitoes, live under beds and feed upon their hosts as they slumber.

OK. Nasty little critters.

...The bugs are coming back with a vengeance in Milwaukee as in other cities in the country. ...Global travel is also blamed for re-introducing the bugs to American sheets

Hmmmm. We know that New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles are "global travel" ports-of-entry. But Milwaukee?? 27th St at the Viaduct?

Oh, by the way, they CAN be eliminated. But not in the US.

Once thought to be all but wiped from the country’s bedrooms using the now-outlawed pesticide DDT, bed bugs populations have quietly recovered. Experts say they’ve evolved to resist other pesticides used by exterminators.

So fuggedabout eliminating them here. After all, Congress bought the lies about DDT--so we can once again host bedbugs!

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