Friday, July 16, 2010

No EFCA? No Problem!!

The Regime's payback to Big Labor is not exactly dead.

....EFCA has stalled on Capitol Hill. But on June 9, the NLRB's contracting office issued an information request for securing electronic voting services that suggests its members are working to secure administratively what cannot be passed legislatively.

"There isn't much difference going door to door with the card you want workers to sign and going door to door with a PDA or a lap top and getting them to submit that way - it's difficult to determine what the contours of an electronic voting scheme would look like in this stage, it looks like the NLRB is just putting out feelers," Will Collins, deputy communications director with the National Right to Work Foundation (RTWF) has observed. "It's very easy to imagine, how a remote voting scheme that relies on portable electronics can be abused particularly in an era everyone is walking around with cell phones and lap tops that connect to the internet immediately. That's why we are very opposed to the idea of remote voting when it comes to unionization elections. Ideally they should all be conducted with a secret ballot."

Stroke of a pen!

HT: Spectator

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