Saturday, July 03, 2010

"Political" Opposition to START Treaty? Nope

Bammy wants the START treaty ratified. It's the successor to the first START treaty; he initialed it, along with the Russki Medvedev, three months ago.

Bit it's not going anywhere in the Senate.

Ben Nelson (D-Purchased By ObamaCare) thinks that opposition to the treaty is "political."

Wrong-o, Benny.

Opposition to the treaty exists because it is now clear that BammyBoy doesn't really give a s*&t about US interests.

What you're seeing, Benny, is a paradigm shift. Actual patriots now understand that, in general, whatever Obama does is deleterious to the US, whether in foreign or domestic affairs.

Fuggedabout START.

Start thinking about your forced retirement instead.

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