Saturday, July 03, 2010

Obey: Demento in Congress

Obey, the Scum from Stevens Point, votes for imaginary budgets AND to send another $10Bn down the drain.

Not hard to tell that Demento Dave never held a real job in his life, eh?

Saying teachers across the country could lose their jobs if he doesn't act, Rep. Dave Obey is waging what could become his last major battle in Congress - securing $10 billion to prevent school layoffs.

"Any teachers' job you save is a job that ought to be saved," he said.

That's what passes for 'reasoning' in Obey's head, folks.


Deekaman said...

Because the public schools (and MPS) are doing such a fantastic job.

neomom said...

Yeah even though results out of said schools have been flat for the last 25 years even with skyrocketing in funding to them....

And we need another public sector union jobs program even though enrollments are falling in most school districts