Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Is There a Reporter in the House? or Senate?

Here's an interesting little story.

Taxpayers have paid out nearly $1 million per year in settlements to congressional employees who have been harassed or otherwise treated badly by their political bosses over the past 14 years, according to records from the Office of Compliance. --Politico

Of course, the Congresscritters don't pay personally. It's expensed to the taxpayers.

...the OOC — an agency that administers a confidential dispute resolution system — settled 38 cases, with 25 resulting in monetary awards worth $4 million. In fiscal year 2009 — the most recent year reported by the OOC — the office settled 13 cases for nearly $830,000.

Here's the real laugh-line:

For privacy reasons, the details of all these cases — including the names of the victims and the alleged harassers — are almost never made public.

I understand privacy for the victims. But for the perps?

I want it on billboards, in lights, in every State.

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GOR said...

Yes, kind of like how Congress enacts laws for the rest of us and exempts itself. Look to your own house, people!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Dad29, however morally bankrupt are the harassers, they have rights, too!

Convenient how the Constitution applies to only people YOU think are deserving to be protected by it.