Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Acerbic View of Marriage

The guy Vox is a fun read whether you agree or not.

Men and women are meant to complement each other. Women need men to help them improve themselves every bit as badly as men need women, if not more so. And yet, are the men of the church ever called upon to help their wives develop intellectually, to broaden their interests outside their personal relations, to maintain themselves physically, and to refrain from being caught up in the destructive spiderweb of gossip? Not that I've ever heard.

The abject pedestalization of wives in Churchianity doesn't even make sense in conventionally omniderigent evangelical terms. If God gave you your wife, then who are you to assert you do not deserve her? Women want to be married to a man who is awesome, so it is an insult to her character, her intelligence, and her quality to claim that you're some sort of lower being that she has kindly deigned to lift up out of pure altruism. And while it's probably true that you're an idiot, given MPAI, the fact of the matter is that she is almost certainly an idiot too. It's no wonder many women of the church are discontent in their marriages, if their husbands can't see anything of merit in themselves, how do they expect their wives to do so?

False modesty isn't humility, it's a deceitful facade presented by whiny and insecure bitches of both sexes and it has no place in a Christian marriage.

Yah, but don't show that to your wife.

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GOR said...

He has a point. Something I have often pointed out to priests talking about a married clergy: "Do you realize what you'd be getting into?"

Fr. Dwight Longenecker ("Standing on my Head" blog) a former married Anglican priest, now a married Catholic priest, relates what an old Irish priest once said to him: "Sometimes we will envy you and sometimes you will envy us!"