Thursday, June 03, 2010

What's Actually "Conservative" on Property Taxes

This morning, Jay Weber launched into a certain (R) gubernatorial-primary candidate.

Along the way, Weber mentioned that the candidate had 'refused to support "caps" on property taxes' a number of years ago. Weber then told his audience that 'you can decide for yourselves whether or not that is "conservative."'

It so happens that it IS "conservative" to remain silent on proptax matters, if one is running for a State office such as Governor, or State Senator, or Leggie, despite what the knee-jerk anti-tax crowd would like you to believe.

See, proptaxes are LOCAL issues (just like Door County zoning.) Actual Conservatives believe in the Principle of Subsidiarity, which supports LOCAL solutions to LOCAL problems--not State- or Federal-imposed solutions.

The real question, of course, is not "taxes." It is spending. The City and County of Milwaukee are Big Spenders, (as are most school districts in this State). If the citizens of those hellholes want Big Spending, their governments reflect that. That's why there are local elections.

You also see that businesses and residents are leaving those hellholes. No surprise. But if the State can determine proptax rates, what prevents it from restricting development in other communities---as DNR and "regional planners" would like to do? What stops the State from interfering with residents or businesses 'getting out of Dodge'?

It's not the State's call, nor the Fed's.

Yes, it's complicated. Over the last 40++ years, the Milwaukees (City, Schools, and County) have arranged to steal massive State tax-dollar amounts to feed their Big Spending habits. Many of those thefts should be deleted from State budgets, and all of them should be carefully re-examined in the next 4 years.

But Conservatives in Stevens Point have no business whatsoever telling the City of Milwaukee how much it can screw its proptax-payers. That's up to City residents.

And THAT is "Conservative."


Billiam said...

Many have said for decades that "It's the SPENDING, stupid!" When Presidents cut taxes, revenue increases. What does the controller of the purse, Congress do? Spend more! Same on the state level. People won't get that until a State or City has to file bankruptcy. Maybe, not even then.

John Foust said...

Republican and "conservative" enthusiasm for local control seems to be highly influenced by the contributions of lobbyists.