Thursday, June 17, 2010

On the Passing of the Constitution

At some later date, historians will point to the early 2000's when referring to the death of the US Constitution.

It will be noted that the Constitution died in a bi-partisan fashion; some President named Bush and his successor, Obama, aided and abetted by both major parties, simply ignored it to death.

Fussier historians will quibble over the nature of the disease which led to its death, and the date of onset of that disease. It won't be terribly important. All will agree that the final nails were driven before 2020.

...Obama's knee-jerk confiscatory socialism this week provided fresh proof of it. Obama now moves to mop up the Gulf spill with a shredded Constitution. His demand that BP essentially hand over a blank check to the U.S. government has all the legality of a car-jacking.

The Democrats don't even bother to conceal the crassness of this demand, saying casually that they will manufacture the legal authority for the shakedown sometime in the future. Just seize the money, their attitude goes, and we'll write the "legislation" to justify the theft later.

By no coincidence, a journalistic smirk was thrown at some peasants in Sherwood Forest Southern Wisconsin for asking a Senate candidate about the contents of the old dead parchment.

But since the sitting Wisconsin Senator is a Member in Good Standing of the Death-to-the-Constitution party, no journalist smirks are dispensed in his direction.

See, "Lawyers" such as the sitting Senator can ignore the 1st Amendment, and with chutzpah unlimited (because after all, they are "Lawyers") pretend to be "Public Servants."


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