Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Gummint!

Inane regulations, drowning Gummints.

The state is simultaneously slogging through a backlog of applications for lead removal licenses and reassuring contractors they will not be penalized for violating the new rules.

[As of this week the] department had processed applications for 2,333 workers and 1,414 companies. More than 8,000 people have completed the training courses in Wisconsin, she said. Bruce said her office is about two months behind and, on Tuesday, was processing applications sent April 14.

Despite bringing in summer interns to help process the applications, Bruce said her staff members cannot keep up with the influx while also inspecting projects.

There are a lot of Gummint Follies in this story, the most important being the "Crisis of Lead Abatement" (not a crisis, and horribly expensive for homeowners). No different from the "Crisis of Radium" in Waukesha water.

But then, our Gummint takes care of us, right?

Eventually, right?

There's nothing to fear.

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