Monday, June 14, 2010

Neumann Taxes

Some enterprising reporter is going to ask Mark Neumann about the tax benefits of his "green" houses.

You know--like:

1) Who GETS those tax benefits? How much of them? When?

And then there's the followup:

2) So Mr. Neumann, how much of your income is Federally taxable? And what is your net Fed tax liability as a percentage of your income? Or if you're using an LLC vehicle, Mr. Neumann, tell us about the tax credits that LLC has accumulated and how you plan to use them.

Glad Belling brought that up. It reminded me of a conversation in which this issue was mentioned.


John said...

It's called the Home Buyer's Tax Credit. Stimulus money in the form of tax credits to people who buy homes. The money went directly to the individuals who used it to buy homes. Every home builder benefited, but none of them directly took stimulus. You'd have to be the stupidest business person in the world to turn down customers just because they received tax credits.

Are you against entrepreneurs who start businesses, make a profit, and hire people? You really think that's something you want to attack Neumann on? It is one area where Neumann and Walker are different, so it might be the way to go.

Dad29 said...

No, that's NOT what it's called, John.

I'm talking about the "green" credits, John.

NOT the $8K package.

GOR said...

With Neumann losing more and more Republican support, why is he still hanging on? What is his motivation - personal pride or concern for the common good?

Politics should be about public service, not advancing personal agendas.

Jay Bullock said...

The green tax credits, too, go directly to the consumer, not the contractor.

John said...

Would you Walker supporters suggest that all Republican business owners should put themselves out of business if the government offers stimulus money to their industry? Seriously. If a business has to take stimulus money (directly or indirectly) to remain competitive with other businesses that are taking the money, is that wrong in your book?

(fyi -- I have no idea what you're talking about beyond the home buyer's tax credit, but I don't think it changes my logic)

Dad29 said...

Seriously, John, Neumann's consistent.

He likes taxpayer subsidies of housing and ethanol.

Does that make him "Conservative"?